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BPFP Business Development Trust

  1. This website describes the BROAD Plans of the BPFP Business Development Trust which would be raised by latest 30 June 2022 to execute the plans given here.
  1. The AIM (Mission) of this Trust would be to (eventually) ensure an increase in the number of Micro, Food Processing enterprises in the fertile plains of Bihar state in India.
  1. The required funds for Pilot stage of this effort would be procured from the USAID (United States Agency for International Development) after 30 June 2022.
  1. Till 30 June 2022; the required scripts for the Application to the DIV (Development Innovation Ventures) Portal of USAID along these lines would be prepared. Fully filled application would be submitted to USAID in or after July 2022.

All details of the plans of this “Trust” are given in this website. Your comments/ideas on these plans are invited at akpjbd@gmail.com.

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Identify SUITABLE NGOs in Madhubani district of Bihar state in India; and approach them.


This effort would gain actual experience of procuring funds from Crowdfunding in Patna.


This effort is planned to be sustained from the following (main) sources of funds.

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This effort is originating through Major Arun Jha (Retired), 50 years.

He has taken Premature retirement from his Military service in the Indian Army (with Pension) to pursue these plans to their DESTINED Conclusion.

He is ORIGINALLY FROM village PaliMohan in Madhubani district of Bihar state in India.

Presently; there is no other member in the planned Organisation apart from him.