Business Development

1. After undergoing the (then) Basic Course of the “Art of Living” (AOL) in his posting in Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh state in India in Apr 2002; the thoughts (and FOCUS) of Major (then Captain) Arun Jha was taken to going back to his roots in Bihar and doing SOME work beneficial to the Society there.

2. The direction found to be most suitable at that Time; was promoting the Food Processing Sector in Bihar state.

3. His attention was taken towards a Company, located in Shirwal near Pune; called “Chordia Food Park” (website at that time: www.chordia.com).

4. Since Arun Jha did not know the exact mechanics of how exactly to go about carrying out the activity; he contacted Mr. Sameer Kulkarni, CEO of “Chordia Food Park” in Shirwal near Pune while on Leave; sometime in Dec 2006.

5. Scanned Copy of reply to his Letter (on the Letter Head of the “Chordia Food Park” dated Jan 2007) is attached below.

6. With this; Arun Jha started imagining that he would raise a similar Food Park HQ in his village.

7. The “Tola” (or area) in which his relatives (and ancestors) reside is called “BABU PALI”. So; the name “BABU PALI FOOD PARK” appeared to be a suitable name for the planned effort. And; it has continued till date.

8. However; he is not STUCK to this name. The Project is of paramount importance; and should materialise at all costs.


Our Method & Overview

By bringing about an increase in the number of Micro Food Processing Units in Bihar state.

• The “Art of Living Foundation” (AOL) based in Bangalore in Karnataka state in India would manage this Project through its office in Patna in Bihar state.

• The AOL is the largest Volunteer–Driven NGO in the world; and effectively develops the INNER Strength of INDIVIDUALS through ancient Vedic knowledge.

• If this effort achieves its aim:

o The migrations from Bihar state in India would significantly decrease.

o Bihar state would become self–sufficient in the production of processed food products.

o The increase in the number of Micro Enterprises in the Food Processing Sector in Bihar state would result in many Companies from the state marketing large amounts of processed food products to other states in India and exporting processed food products prepared in the state to various countries around the world.

PREPARE PROJECTS for various sectors for the MOST SUITABLE NGOs.