Executive Summary

1. Bihar state has been ranked as the poorest among all states in India as per the Multidimensional Poverty Index of the NITI Aayog of the Govt of India (GOI) for the year 2021.

2. As per the statistics; 51.91 per cent of the state's population is multidimensionally poor.

3. Bihar state of India; located at the foothills of the Himalayas; has fertile soil and abundant water. It spans more than 94,000 SQ Km; and its diverse agro-climatic conditions translate into many (nutritious) crops typical to them.

4. This effort aims to address this issue – of contributing towards raising the overall economic indicators of Bihar state over Time.

To raise the overall economic indicators of Bihar state in India.


a) Many crops/fruits including Makhana (Fox Nut or Euryale Ferox), Singhara (Water Caltrop), Ramdana (Amaranth) etc with a number of PROVEN (and medically accepted) nutrition benefits are grown in Bihar state.

b) The benefits include – but are not limited to – reducing Obesity, Diabetes and Hypertension.

c) In these times; the physical ailments mentioned above are rising exponentially in India and in various countries on planet Earth.

d) So; proper management of the NATURALLY AVAILABLE Crops/Fruits grown abundantly in the unique conditions of Bihar state has actual potential to raise its Economy.


1. Proper COMMERCIAL management of the nutritious crops and/or fruits grown in Bihar state would be a possible way to raise its overall economic indicators.

2. Pilot stage of this Trust is planned to be carried out over Three (03) years in Madhubani district of Bihar state.

3. In these three years; this Trust would aim to ensure an increase in the number of Micro Food Processing Units of the nutritious crops/fruits grown in Madhubani district.

4. The Govt of Bihar (GOB) and the Govt of India (GOI) give many – attractive – incentives to the residents of the state to raise their own Micro Food Processing Units of nutritious crops/fruits grown in the state; but the response from the population is very less (almost negligible).

5. The numbers of such Micro Food Processing Enterprises in the fertile plains of Bihar state in India are not up to its actual potential.


1. The funds for Pilot Stage of this effort (over Three years) are being planned to be procured from USAID.

2. Towards that; the concerned Organisation (Trust) would be raised by (or before) 30 June 2022.



1. Majority of the population from Bihar state migrates to other states in India in search of better livelihoods; and very less Human energy goes into leveraging the natural strengths of Bihar state for its development.

2. The domestic agricultural production (Food Security situation) would be significantly raised if the natural strengths of Bihar state are suitably leveraged for its development.

3. Pilot Stage of this effort would be carried out over THREE (03) years in Madhubani district in Bihar in which it would try and achieve an increase in the number of Micro scale Makhana Processing Units in the district. After that; the activity would be raised to cover the entire Northern region of Bihar state (adjoining Nepal). Later; its activity would be expanded to cover the entire Bihar state in India.

4. The planned activity of this innovation could be BROADLY covered in the following FIVE Heads.






i) The residents of Madhubani district would be explained the existing situation from the strategic (OVERALL) angle; and the desire of the GOB and the GOI to promote Micro Food Processing Units of the nutritious crops and fruits by providing (attractive) incentives for the purpose.

ii) Courses of the “Art of Living” (AOL) would be got conducted in the district (@minimum 10 Courses per month) for residents of the district between 18 to 40 years of age; arranged by LOCAL – existing – NGOs in the district.


i) Teams of residents of Madhubani district interested in raising their own (mainly) Micro Makhana Processing Units in their areas would be sent for a YLTP Course of the AOL.

ii) YLTP Courses of the AOL are residential Courses of One Week; and have PROVEN to result in Permanent Cohesiveness among all its participating Teams.


i) Interested Teams of residents of Madhubani district related with this Trust would be guided to form Registered Organizations (Companies) – in order to become eligible for availing the incentives given by the GOI and the GOB.

ii) This guidance would be given by specialists in the field of incentive schemes from the GOB and the GOI for Bihar state. Interactive Sessions with the concerned specialists would be arranged for the Teams related with this Trust – till they get the incentives promised.


i) Mentoring advice would be given to member agribusinesses of the Organization by the specialists arranged by it – through Interactive Sessions.

iii) This Mentoring (advice) would be given by Specialists in the fields of:

a) Business Management (in managing Food Processing Units in the conditions of Bihar state and.

b) Marketing of Processed Food products within Bihar state and in other states in India.