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  • +What is the OVERALL AIM/MISSION of this effort ?
    To raise the overall economic indicators of Bihar state. Bihar state has been ranked as the poorest among all states in India as per the inaugural Multidimensional Poverty Index of the NITI Aayog of the Govt of India (GOI). As per the statistics for the year 2021; 51.91 per cent of the state's population is multidimensionally poor. This effort aims to (eventually) ensure that the residents of Bihar state raise their own Micro Food Processing Units in their areas by availing the incentives given by the Govt of Bihar (GOB) and the Govt of India (GOI). By promoting the proliferation of premium nutritious crops/fruits grown in the unique agro–climatic conditions of the state.
  • +From where (which area) in Bihar state would this effort begin ?
    Pilot stage of this effort would be conducted – over Three years – in Madhubani district of Bihar state. In this period; this NGO would aim to promote a significant (noteworthy) increase in the number of Food Processing Units in the district. After that; it would raise the scale of its operations to other neighbouring districts in North Bihar. Still later; it would expand its operations to the cover the entire Bihar state in India.
  • +From where would this NGO arrange the funds ?
    This NGO has applied for funding its idea from the First (Pilot) stage of DIV (Development Innovation Ventures) of the USAID (United States Agency for International Development) and the Global Innovation Fund over Three years. Till the time these funds (USD 2,00,000 – INR 1,40,00000 @ 1 USD = 70 INR) are received; the Trust plans to arrange funds from Small Grants from various international funding agencies around the world – operating from its HQ in Madhubani city in Madhubani district.
  • +What is the PROCESS proposed to be followed ?
    INSPIRING: The residents of the state would be inspired to raise their own Micro Food Processing Units (agribusinesses) in their areas by availing the incentives given by the GOB and the GOI. The estimated population of Bihar state in the year 2021 was 128,458,570. MENTORING: This Organization would arrange interactive sessions – for individuals actually interested in raising their own agribusinesses in Madhubani district – with experts in the field of procuring incentives from the GOB and the GOI; and in forming their Organisations.
  • +Kindly Elaborate ?
    INSPIRING: This Trust would get Courses of the Art of Living (AOL); Founded by HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar conducted in Madhubani district @ minimum 10 Courses per month. The participants for these Courses (residents of Madhubani district between 18 to 40 years of age) would be arranged through established (existing) NGOs in the district. At the end of the AOL Courses; interested participants in raising their own Micro agribusinesses in their areas would be requested to give their contact numbers and emails. MENTORING: The residents of Madhubani district interested in raising their own Micro agribusinesses in their areas would be mentored by specialists.
  • +Has this Organisation been FORMALLY Registered ?
    Presently; No. It will be registered under the Indian Trusts Act, 2016 by latest 30 June 2022. This website has been prepared (and is being regularly updated) for IDEAS and FEEDBACK from well – wishers in India and around the world.
  • +I want to join this (ad)venture. Are there any openings in this Organisation presently in Patna or even in Madhubani ?
    Yes. This effort is presently in its Initial (FORMATIVE) phase. If you are interested; kindly contact Major Arun Jha (Retd) over Linkedin; or at his email akpjbd@gmail.com. The vacancies available would be communicated at the earliest.
  • +From WHERE does this organisation plan to get the specialist advisors ?
    The specialists (advisors) in the field of incentives available from the GOB and the GOI for enterprises in the Food Processing sector in Bihar state would be arranged from the Department of Industries, Govt of Bihar in Patna. The specialists (advisors) in the field of Operational Management of the Food Processing Units in Bihar state could also be arranged from the many Agriculture Universities in the state. Specialists (advisors) in the field of Marketing Management of Processed Makhana from Bihar state to other states in India – on a large scale – would be arranged from companies Exporting processed Makhana products from India to other countries across the world. These could primarily be companies exporting their produce to Gulf countries and to other countries across the world. Makhana Processing companies from Madhubani district could be grouped together for this purpose – of exporting their produce through Export Marketing Companies in Port cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, Vishakhapatnam etc. This entire exercise would evolve over Time, that is; over around a few Decades.
  • +Could you explain this in DETAIL ?
    Many crops/fruits with a number of nutritional properties are grown in the unique agro–climatic conditions of the state. The profit potential of these crops/fruits could be leveraged to raise the Economy of this state of India. Many crops/fruits including Makhana (Fox Nut or Euryale Ferox), Singhara (Water Caltrop), Ramdana (Amaranth) etc with a number of PROVEN (and medically accepted) nutrition benefits are grown in Bihar state. The benefits include (but are not limited to) reducing Obesity, Diabetes and Hypertension. In these times; these benefits – DIRECTLY – suggest great profit potential; even as these conditions are growing exponentially in India and across the world. Though Singhara, Ramdana etc also have as nutritious properties like Makhana; Makhana and Processed products of Makhana have longer Shelf–life (of around 2 to 3 years); so Makhana is the most preferred crop/fruit for business activity. However; though Makhana would be the Main (preferred) Crop/fruit; processing of other nutritious crops/fruits grown in large quantity in Madhubani district would also be encouraged. 90% of the Makhana in the world is grown in Bihar state in India. These facts have been known since a LONG Time; and many Companies located outside Bihar state (in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai etc in India; and in many countries across the world including the US, many Gulf countries, Portugal, Spain, Italy etc) purchase large amounts of Makhana; PROCESS and PACKAGE them and MAKE HUGE Profits. The Makhana could be as well Processed and Packaged in Bihar state and the Companies in Bihar could make the (HUGE) profits. The Govt of Bihar (GOB) and the Govt of India (GOI) are aware of these facts and offer large amounts of subsidies and financial incentives to Companies in the Private sector engaged in processing of Makhana in Bihar state and Marketing the (Makhana) products to other places in India and across the world. However; these subsidies and incentives elicit negligible response from the Private sector in Bihar state in India. COMMENT: An intervention by some NGO; not related with the GOB or the GOI is called for in such a situation to raise the Economy of Bihar state in India through the Food Processing Industry.

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