• Bihar state is especially suited for the Food Processing Industry as this state is located at the foothills of the Himalayas; and large amount of Ground Water is available in the state.

• This state is also the largest producer of vegetables and the second largest producer of fruits among all states in India. 74% of the population in the state is engaged in the agriculture sector.

• The state enjoys a unique location-specific advantage because of its proximity to the vast markets of Eastern and Northern India and Nepal. Bihar is well connected to the rest of India and international markets through over 200,000 Km of road network, 6,700 km of rail network and an international airport. The Golden Quadrilateral Highway passes through the districts of Kaimur, Sasaram, Aurangabad, Gaya, and Patna, connecting the state to major metro cities in the country.

• The new business opportunities in Bihar are plenty as the Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor passes through the state, providing access to ports in East India such as Kolkata and Haldia, to raw material sources, and mineral reserves in the neighbouring states.

• Bihar state has the potential to become self–sufficient in the production of processed food products; and market large amounts of SURPLUS processed food products prepared in the state to other states in India; and to various countries across the world.