Road Map

BPFPBD Business Development Road Map

• After its Pilot stage in Madhubani district; the operations of this project would be spread to neighbouring districts in North Bihar over another three (03) years.

• After Three years; the results of the effort would become clear from statistics (numbers) of new Food Processing Units (FPUs) incorporated in Madhubani district in the period – by availing the incentives of the Govt of India.

• The issues and problems in the Project would be analysed by experts from HQ AOL (Patna) and HQ AOL in Bangalore by physically visiting the HQ of the effort in Madhubani.

• After another three years of operations; the FOCUS AREA of this effort would be expanded to the entire Bihar state.

• Suitable improvements and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) would be formulated and implemented.

• The HQ of this Project in Madhubani could be shifted to Muzaffarpur; or to any other location in Bihar as considered proper by the Team of Experts; and from the AOL Offices of this Project in Patna and Bangalore.

• The actual effectiveness of this effort would become visible over some Decades.

• It has been assumed that this effort would be sustained on the strength of its visible effectiveness from various sources across the world – executed by dedicated volunteers in the Ashram of the AOL in Bangalore.

• It has also been assumed that the Govt of India would continue supporting the growth of Micro enterprises in the Food Processing sector as at present.