• Courses of the “Art of Living Foundation” (AOL) HQ in Bangalore in Karnataka state in India have proven to be highly effective in taking the FOCUS OF INDIVIDUALS in the proper direction; in many states in India and in 156 countries across the world.

• They also considerably raise the inner strength of the participants of its Courses.

• To cope with Challenges; a person needs inner strength.

• The AOL could individually connect with the residents of Bihar state – through its dedicated Team of Teachers from the state; explain them their situation in their language; and suggest them to raise their own Micro Food Processing Units (FPUs) in their areas by availing the incentives from the Govt of India, the Govt of Bihar and from all other sources.

• For this purpose; it would even gather the residents of Bihar state utilising the services of established NGOs in the state – though its policy is to give its Courses only to interested people.

• Interactive Sessions of Interested Residents of Madhubani district with Experts in the field of Schemes of the Govt would also be organised by this Project through NGOs in Madhubani district in its Pilot stage of Three years.

• Through these Sessions, the concerned people – interested in raising their own enterprises in their areas by leveraging the incentives and support of the Govt; would get the required PRACTICAL guidance and support for their ventures.

• The Project could sponsor YLTP Courses (of One Week) for 5 promising Teams in its Ashram in Gaya in Bihar.

• Over Time, as a result of this Project; the prevailing system of Rangdari in the state (mentioned above) would also significantly reduce.