• Bihar state has an excellent climate with fertile soil and abundant water. Its diverse agro-climatic conditions translate into many crops suited to different agro-economic conditions.

• Coupled with the fact of ever growing population with an increasing purchasing power and changing life style, the state offers an immense opportunity to establish wide range and big numbers of profitable food processing units.

• In view of these facts; the Govt of Bihar and the Govt of India give large amounts of incentives and support to the population in Bihar state to raise their own Food Processing Units in their areas.


• The focus of the residents of Bihar state is not on the Strength of the fertile agricultural land available with them from Nature.

• Majority of the productive people from the state migrate to other states in India for their livelihoods.


• Some other problems for entrepreneurship in Bihar state (called Rangdari) exist in Bihar state in India.

• In this prevailing system; unlawful elements (bullies and thugs with Political patronage) demand a “Safety Tax” (“Rangdari”) from owners of Businesses – or from their Branch Offices in the case of large Corporates.

• However; this is largely restricted to businesses making huge profits (money) in the state.

• Knowing this; the Govt of Bihar gives many incentives and support to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in the state.