The uniqueness of this Project is that it is coming through Major Arun Jha (Retd), 50 yrs.

2. The Operating Procedures have been designed on (suitably modified) Military means of management to ensure Accountability at all levels; though most of the activity would be based on FAITH.

3. This effort aims to leverage the PROVEN EFFECTIVENESS of Courses of the “Art of Living” in many states in India and in many countries across the world to raise the number of Micro Food Processing Units in the fertile plains of Bihar state in India.

4. Bihar state spans more than 90,000 SQ Km; and the domestic agricultural production of India (and the Profitability of farmers in Bihar state) would be significantly raised if this Project materialises.


1. Major Arun Jha (Retd), 50 yrs; is ORIGINALLY from village Palimohan in Madhubani district in Bihar; though he has been born and brought–up in Lonavla in Pune district of Maharashtra state in India.

3. Major Arun Jha came in contact with the “Art of Living” (AOL) in Apr 2002; when he was posted in Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh state in India – at the age of 31 years – and was greatly impacted.

4. He had survived a SEVERE Head Injury (in Nov 1993) in a Road Traffic Accident while undergoing a Military Course – in which he was in Coma for 20 days because his Skull was fractured in 23 places.

5. Still; he recovered completely retaining his facility in the English language; and remained fit enough to continue in Military service – mainly preparing Intelligence Reports in his Postings.

So; while the KNOWLEDGEABLE and INFORMED Experts (including the devotees of Guruji – HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar) would IMMEDIATELY write – off such a Project in Bihar state; this Project has the “BENEFIT OF IGNORANCE” coupled with FAITH in the infinite Organising Power of the Divine.

7. After coming in contact with the AOL (in Apr 2002); Major (then Captain) Arun Jha realised that DESTINY DESIRED him to participate in the phenomenon of REVERSE BRAIN DRAIN into Bihar.

8. Maintaining a Pragmatic attitude towards this Gut feeling; Major Arun Jha completed his Pensionable service; while also arranging for himself to get posted to Danapur Cantt in Patna, Bihar in Aug 2009.

9. This entire effort (Project) is based on COMPLETE acceptance of the Truth of the words of Gurudev (HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on FAITH given below:

“Have FAITH in the infinite organising power of the Divine.
FAITH is giving miracles a chance to happen.
FAITH is giving the Divine a chance to act.”